Wednesday 2nd November

In-Tree project overview (Frank Krumm)

The spread of tree of heaven in Switzerland (Jan Wunder)

Shade tolerance of tree of heaven in Switzerland (Simon Knüsel)

Tasmanian blue gum in Portugal (Joaquim Sande Silva)

Management of invasive tree species in the Donau–Auen National Park (Verena Quadt) >>DE

Black locust in the Czech Republic: from global ecology to local management (Michaela Vítková)

Quantifying invasiveness of Douglas fir on the basis of natural regeneration in southwest Germany (Anja Bindewald)

Eastern white pine in the Czech Republic (Pavel Bednář)

Black cherry in Central Europe (Bart Nyssen)

Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi in southern Switzerland (Romina Morisoli)

Economic aspects of introduced tree species - opportunities and risks (Marc Hanewinkel)

Introduced wildlife and its potential impact (Alexander Held)

The view of practitioners - spotlight presentations from Swiss Cantons
Neophytes in the forests in Grisons (Luca Plozza)

Introduced tree species in Central Europe - consequences for arthropod communities and species interactions (Martin Gossner)

Introduced or native tree species to maintain forest ecosystem services in a hotter and drier future (Andreas Rigling)

Introduced and invasive tree species in forest: implications for biodiversity (Yann Dumas)

Introduced species an alternative for vanishing native species? (Bernhard Mettendorf)

Results from a school project. The perspective of school classes (Sebastian Walker and Annette Schuck)

RISKPlatform (Christoph Suter)

BMEL – introduction by the donor (Thomas Haußmann)
Launching the book publication

Thursday 3rd November


Friday 4th November

Characteristics of invasiveness

The new wild - scientific journalist viewpoint (Fred Pearce)

Can we predict whether a species will become invasive? (Tina Heger)

Co-invasion of invasive trees and their associated belowground mutualists (Martin Nuñez)

Management of introduced and invasive tree species: concepts & approaches

History of introduced tree species (Bart Nyssen)

Silvicultural strategies for introduced tree species in Northern Italy (Tommaso Sitzia)

Eradication of invasive tree species from protected areas in Italy (Livia Zapponi)
Maximising benefits and minimising harm associated with invasive introduced trees: lessons from South Africa (Brian van Wilgen)