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Expert Exchange between foresters from Czech Republic and Germany

In the second week of April a group of Czech foresters visited a range of forests in southern Germany as a part of project In-Tree to discuss various aspects of management of introduced as well as native tree species. Read the full article here

The exchange started with a visit to Ebrach Forest in Upper Bavaria where an integrative approach to forest management is applied. Following visits were located in the forests around Freiburg in Baden-Württemberg (i.e. Kirchzaten, Freiburg City Forest and Staufen) where various aspects of the management of introduced Douglas fir were discussed. The forest management of silver fir, beech and oak were also covered during this exchange since they are key species in both Czech and German forests. Marteloscope exercises (Integrate+) were carried out in Steinkreutz and Rosskopf in order to give the exchange participants the possibility to try applying some of the management concepts covered during the exchange.