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In-Tree school project

Lucie Vítková and Verena Quadt, In-Tree project staff, carried out a series of workshops for school children of various ages (10 - 16 years old).
Lucie and Verena visited different classes in the local school in Freiburg where they gave a short presentation on the topic of biological invasions to our environment (presentation can be accessed here). Following this presentation, the students were asked to think about the topic and present their thoughts or opinions in a creative way. The workshop yielded various outcomes such as posters, drawings, short movies, poems etc.
The topic of biological introductions is rather complex and large topic. However, the students presented their thoughts comprehensively in very diverse and individual ways. In addition, it was an exciting experience for the project staff to see the topic ‘through kids’ eyes’. It is important to note that the students asked some interesting questions and showed a lot of awareness and enthusiasm about the topic of biological introductions in both plant and animal kingdoms.